This page has been setup so that PARC members may post Amateur Radio items they wish to sell. This is for Non-commercial items only. Email Harmen, VE3EMA with your list, and I will post them on this page. Make sure you include your name, call and contact information.

DV Dongle

William Carew - VE3MEW (705) 748-0442

For Sale: 1 DV Dongle. Condition: New. Purchased from HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) at the 2009 Dayton Hamfest. Reason for sale: I have 2 and only require one for myself. This device enables you to access the DStar Repeaters and Reflectors connected to the DStar Gateway system via a computer connected to the internet. Participate in DStar communications with stations around the globe without buying a DStar equipped radio. Picture, Details and operating information can be seen on the following website.

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