Kawartha Packet Group

VE3KPG 145.670

Connect to VE3KPG-14 on 145.670 MHz 9K6 Baud

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The VE3KPG Node is back up and running at Sir Sandford Fleming college after installation of a replacement antenna and cable to extend into the new Amateur Radio room.The KPG BBS is now running at SSFC to facilitate Hi-Speed Internet access for AXIP and Telnet Forwarding as well as to run Telpac and DX Cluster applications.

Supporting members of KPG can now access the BBS, RMS and DX Cluster via Telnet. Please contact me for your Login and Password Telnet access.

RF access of the BBS, RMS and DX Cluster can be achieved by connecting to VE3KPG-14 on 145.670 MHz at 9600 baud.

An RF Link to Ballantrae is still in the works. VE3KPG's 440 Yagi is now connecting hi-speed (19K2)to Grasshill in Lindsay, VE3LNZ. There is currently a problem with Ballantrae radio which is preventing the link to Lindsay. Once this link is established, KPG will have a RF link to Ballantrae and beyond. Lindsay now has its own BBS and 1K2 user access on 145.050 MHz. Many thanks goes out to Klaus, VE3KR and Doug, VE3ATB for establishing an RF link at Grasshill.

The Cobourg EPG node is dismantled permanently.



The SATGATE service has been officially dissolved largely due to the reduced number of SATGATE operators world wide. Without a strategic network of operators, SATGATE could no longer provide a reliable service. Since VA3HIP BBS in no longer needed it has been shut down indefinitely.

When the SATGATE was still operational, VA3HIP BBS linked South Central Ontario as well as the rest of Canada to other BBSs throughout the world via Amateur Radio Satellites. UO-22, GO-32 and AO-51 PACSAT satellites were utilized for SATGATE services. International mail was forwarded to the VA3HIP BBS were it awaited for the next pass of the designated Amateur Radio PACSAT Satellite. When the satellite came into range, the mail was automatically uploaded to the satellite's mailbox. When the satellite flew over the Country that mail needed to be sent to, a Satgate operator for that Country automatically download the mail and forward it terrestrially. More information on the former Satgate Service can be found at Satgate.



VE3SSF APRS node is now running off of the new Sir Sandford Fleming College Amateur Radio tower.