Technician VE3IQZ Rick Page VE3IQZ at
Assistant Controller VE3WWI Bob Hlywka


Peterborough Amateur Radio Club Repeater

VE3PBO 146.625 Mhz (-)

Peterborough Amateur Radio Club Nets are held every Sunday evening at 8:00pm.

"Professional Loafers" Nets are held every weekday morning at 8:30am.

Peterborough Amateur Radio Emergency Service Nets are held every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm.

VE3PBO is now linked during the day to VE3RTR north of Cobourg 145.150 - PL162.2 and VE3CKL Linday and 145.450 PL162.2 from 7 AM till midnight 7 days a week. During the PL the repeater is also linked to VE3LSR-2 147.315 PL156.7 in Edgar near Orillia Ontario

Click here for photos from the top of the Water Tower taken during the new antenna installation, June 29th 2009.

HT Performance of VE3PBO

Theoretical HT performance of VE3PBO using "Radio Mobile" Software

Second VHF Repeater

VE3TJR 146.970 Mhz (-)

HT Performance of VE3TJR

Theoretical HT performance of VE3TJR using "Radio Mobile" Software

System Fusion that is is capable of receiving both analogue FM and C4FM digital and will re transmit everything analogue.

auto in analogue out

PARC UHF Repeater

VA3PBO 444.575 Mhz(+) PL 162.2

System Fusion that is fully automatic that will re transmit analog FM signals as analogue FM and re transmit incoming Digital C4FM signals as Digital C4FM.

Auto in Auto Out

Recommend that analogue users enable tone squelch pl 162.2 so that you will not have to hear the digital output when it is used.

Saturday Evening 10 Meter Net

28.625 Mhz

This NET starts at 8:00 pm and is open to everyone.


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