PARC Board of Directors Elections Results

First of all we would like to thank Steve VE3PTA, Paul VE3KBI, Don VE3BSR, and Barry VE3BLM for their years of service as board members of PARC.

The results of the 2024 elections are in:

Clay Youmans (VE3YCL) was acclaimed President
Martin Ackerman (VA3OMW) was acclaimed Vice President
Jon Brown (VE3XOE) was acclaimed Secretary
Randy Neals (VE3RWN) was acclaimed Treasurer
Jerry Woodhouse (VA3CN) was acclaimed Activities Director
Jerry has made the decision to resign we thank him for his service, and as Such
Jordan Romain (VE3AVA) was acclaimed Activities Director at the March 5th General Meeting

We would like to thank all of the new board members for volunteering to serve as the leadership for the club this year.