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Mailing Address

C/O: Barry Monaghan
1201 Grandview Avenue
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 5P7

2024 Membership Fee

Membership fees cover the basic operating costs of the Peterborough Amateur Radio Club.

The basic annual membership fee is $40.00 per year or $50.00 per year for family membership living at the same address. This amount includes mandatory liability insurance coverage through Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).

There is a surcharge of $13.00 for members who are do not have current RAC membership to cover mandatory RAC Liability Insurance coverage.

Dues are payable at the end of each calendar year, to cover the following calendar year except new members. Membership payment can be made directly to the Treasurer during meetings or mailed to the address above. New memberships are payable on a prorated basis of 1/12 of the regular membership fee for each month for the balance of the membership year.

All members in good standing shall have voting privileges and all the rights and privileges of membership. A member whose dues are two months in arrears (i.e., not paid by March 1st) shall be considered a member in poor standing and as such shall not have voting privileges at any general meeting. A member whose dues are three months in arrears or more (i.e., not paid by April 1st) shall be considered to have cancelled their membership and all rights and privileges accorded to a member in good standing shall be revoked. A member may be reinstated by payment of back dues for the current calendar year.

We are now accepting 2024 Membership applications. Please download the PARC Membership Form here and give updated information to Barry Monaghan.