FeaturedMonthly Club Meetings

All meetings are hybrid meeting of combined in-person and zoom. The meeting location is at Otonabee Valley Public School’s Library, 580 River Rd S, Peterborough, ON K9J 1E7. Take south doors from parking lot and walk straight to Library.

Peterborough Amateur Radio Club meetings are “usually” held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. All amateurs including anyone interested in becoming an Amateur radio operator are welcomed to attend PARC meetings.

For the details of the next PARC meeting please visit the Events Page.

Allstar Node Number Change to 611411

As the node numbers we were using did not belong to PARC, March 30th 2024 around midnight VE3PBO will change from node number 28703 to node number 611411. If you are connecting via allstar please update your settings we will endeavor to reconnect all nodes that are connected before we make the switch. 

As such expect some shenanigans with the repeater network around midnight. 

PARC Board of Directors Elections Results

First of all we would like to thank Steve VE3PTA, Paul VE3KBI, Don VE3BSR, and Barry VE3BLM for their years of service as board members of PARC.

The results of the 2024 elections are in:

Clay Youmans (VE3YCL) was acclaimed President
Martin Ackerman (VA3OMW) was acclaimed Vice President
Jon Brown (VE3XOE) was acclaimed Secretary
Randy Neals (VE3RWN) was acclaimed Treasurer
Jerry Woodhouse (VA3CN) was acclaimed Activities Director
Jerry has made the decision to resign we thank him for his service, and as Such
Jordan Romain (VE3AVA) was acclaimed Activities Director at the March 5th General Meeting

We would like to thank all of the new board members for volunteering to serve as the leadership for the club this year.

New Repeater VE3RB on Air!

VE3RB 147.135 + 600KHz PL 162.2

With many thanks to the County, VE3RWN, VE3EMA, VE3IQZ, and many others PARCs newest repeater is on the air atop the county tower at five corners in Douro.

It is currently running 70W on a Motorola repeater loaned to the club by Randy VE3RWN, and internet access for Allstar was graciously donated by Nexicom.

VE3RB will be linked to the network full time.

Theoretical coverage map of VE3RB

Winter Field Day 2024

Winterfield day was a resounding success, thank you to everyone who was involved, especially those who helped with set-up and tear down. Nick VA3NPW, Harmen VE3EMA, Jon VE3XOE, John VA3NW, Clay VE3YCL,Rick VE3IQZ, Peter VE3GYY, and especially Paul VE3AXT and his XYL for hosting us. With 2 stations we achieved 837 contacts. Thanks to VE3XOE for the photos.

Winter field day certificate showing 840 contacts logged for VE3RB.

VE3BUY Experiencing Issues (RESOLVED)

February 3rd 2024 14:00

VE3BUY is back in service, special thanks to VE3EMA, VE3IQZ, VE3RWN, and VE3PTA for repairing the unit.

January 22nd 2024 16:00

DR1X is up and running at the BUY site however it is running independently currently as we do not have a interface for it to connect with all-star.

January 22nd 2024 14:00

Receiver is functional, all star node is working correctly. Transmitter is not working, Repeater Team is currently swapping the Icom with the clubs spare DR1X Repeater.

January 22nd 2024 10:00

VE3BUY is currently experiencing issues the Repeater Team is investigating.

Repairs, Maintenance and 5GHz Sector installation at VE3PBO

Many thanks to everyone who helped with all the work on VE3PBO/VA3PBO repeaters on Wednesday. Special thanks to Jon, VE3OXE for climbing the Sherbrooke Water Tank three times and Paul Hill who volunteered to help with the work on top of the water tank. Special thanks also goes out to Rick VE3IQZ, Nick VA3NPW and Jon VE3XOE who stayed till dark to complete the testing and cleanup. We all need to also thank Barry VE3BLM, Steven VE3PTA and Nick VA3NPW for installing all the new cables from the water tank into the radio shack. Finally, we would also want to thank PUG for without their cooperation, we would not have an operational repeater site.

From all the signal reports that are coming in, I think it is safe to conclude the project was a resounding success. Pictures courtesy of VE3EMA.