PARC Amateur Radio Basic License Course

The Peterborough Amateur Radio Club is hosting a virtual Basic License Course that Starts July 22nd 2024 @ 7PM

Cost is $60

The Course will be conducted Virtually via Google Meet. Exams will be in person in Peterborough Only. Any outside participants that wish to take the course with PARC are welcomed to do so, but we will not be able to perform your exam, anyone who can make it to Peterborough to write their exam is included in the cost of the course. The $60 fee also includes a free membership to PARC for the remainder of the Calendar Year.

Recommended Study Material Can Be Purchased Here, it is recommended that you purchase the book for later reference, but a loaned copy of this material (for peterborough area participants) can be arranged if you do not want to use the book after the completion of the course.

This course is focused on what you need to learn to pass the exam only, and a workshop will be hosted in Peterborough at a later date for New Hams. 

Contact for more information.