Corn Roast 2023

The 2023 Corn Roast was a huge success! Thanks to Paul & Sandy Craig for hosting it and providing the corn, and to Dave Moes for doing the cooking, and to everyone else that brought something. I think we are all sufficiently stuffed, few people showed up after the photo there was about 40 of us today. Thank you Randy Neals for the photo.

Field Day 2023

Just wanted to give a special thanks to Dave Moes for organizing field day this year, and a big thanks to anyone who volunteered to help despite the weather this year it was still a resounding success. It was nice to see everyone even if you just stopped by for a minute. Our newest member Jon Brown was there for most of the event even when it got pretty nasty out, and Rick had some adventures with his newest setup but we still remained on air for most of the 24hours. Thanks to VA3IX and VE3BSR for the photos.

PARC 2022 Elections

Steven Cavanaugh, VE3PTA was acclaimed President. Paul Hazel, VE3KBI was acclaimed as Vice President. Bob Chrysler, VE3IEL was acclaimed as Secretary. Barry, VE3BLM was acclaimed as Treasurer and John, VA3NW was acclaimed as Activities Director.