VE3BUY Experiencing Issues (RESOLVED)

February 3rd 2024 14:00

VE3BUY is back in service, special thanks to VE3EMA, VE3IQZ, VE3RWN, and VE3PTA for repairing the unit.

January 22nd 2024 16:00

DR1X is up and running at the BUY site however it is running independently currently as we do not have a interface for it to connect with all-star.

January 22nd 2024 14:00

Receiver is functional, all star node is working correctly. Transmitter is not working, Repeater Team is currently swapping the Icom with the clubs spare DR1X Repeater.

January 22nd 2024 10:00

VE3BUY is currently experiencing issues the Repeater Team is investigating.