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Kawartha Packet Group Meetings

Keene Fire Hall – TBD

Kawartha Packet Group is planning to hold first meeting in number of years at Keene Fire Hall sometime in December. Topics of discussion is VE3KPG status, Winlink, HamWAN, AREDN and APRS. ARDC (Amateur Radio Digital Communications) grant proposal for a HamWAN network will also be discussed.

VE3KPG Winlink Hybrid Gateway Status

Note: VE3KPG is constantly making changes to its configuration as we add hardware, test different modes and frequencies. Therefore, please check the status below to see if the mode and frequencies you are testing are operational.

VARA FM connections into VE3KPG has been tested as far away as 43 kms. This ping test was done from Buckhorn using a DRA-50 Interface, an Arrow antenna mounted on a tripod 8′ in the air running 50 watts.

Image of ping test results from Buckhorn to VE3KPG

VE3KPG Winlink Status

BBS/Node145.670 MHz, VE3KPG-2, AX.25 1200 baudActive
Winlink Packet145.670 MHz, VE3KPG-10, AX.25 1200 baudActive
Winlink VARA FM Node VE3KPG-10147.500 MHz, VE3KPG-10, VARA FM WideActive
Winlink VARA FM Digipeater VE3MT-4147.500 MHz, VE3KPG-10, VARA FM WideActive
Winlink VARA FM Digipeater VE3YCL-4147.500 MHz, VE3KPG-10, VARA FM WideActive
Winlink VARA FM Node VE3BUY-10439.925 MHz, VE3BUY-10, VARA FM WideActive
Winlink VARA HF28.131 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive
Winlink VARA HF & PACTOR 414.093 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive
Winlink VARA HF & PACTOR 410.131 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive
Winlink VARA HF & PACTOR 47.091 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive
Winlink VARA HF & PACTOR 45.349 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive
Winlink VARA HF & PACTOR 43.585 MHz, VE3KPG, VARA HF 2300 HzActive

VE3KPG Winlink Gateway Flow Chart

Special thanks to VE3BLM/VE3MT for his time and patience testing all frequencies and modes as well as loaning his IC-7300 for testing.


VE3KPG APRS Digpeater/IGate144.390MHzActive

VE3KPG AREDN Network Status

Gateway Tunnel NodeVE3KPG-GatewayActive
Meshphone PBXVE3KPG-MeshserverActive
Meshphone Network TrunkVE3KPG-MeshserverActive
Meshphone to Hamshack Hotline TrunkVE3KPG-MeshserverActive
Peterborough Tunnel HubVE3PBO-PeterboroughHubActive

Information on these services, and documentation can be found on a computer connected to the mesh at http://ve3kpg-meshserver.local.mesh

Winlink Setup Tips

When setting up your Winlink station it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with Winlink Express program by using Winlink Telnet first.

If you are using a Signalink, set the TX Delay knob at around 9:00 o’clock. Is is also recommended to use VARA “narrow” first to establish first connection.

Establish a P2P (Peer to Peer) connection with a station that is very close to you first before experimenting at longer distances. There isn’t any point in going to the moon if your rocket can’t get into orbit 🙂

For those of you who are at very long distances from others and have a HF radio, you will likely have more success with VARA HF than VARA FM

There a plenty of online tutorials and videos on how to setup a Winlink station.

VE3KPG Meshphone to Hamshack Hotline Trunk

Members using the KPG Meshphone Server, can be dialed on Hamshack Hotline at the Following Numbers


VE3KPG has Been Moved

Due to covid access restrictions at Fleming College, the VE3KPG BBS and Node has been moved to the QTH of VE3EMA. From this location, a Winlink Hybrid Gateway can be established and better monitored.

Supporting members of KPG can still access the BBS, RMS and DX Cluster via Telnet. Please contact me for your Login and Password Telnet access.

RF access of the BBS, RMS and DX Cluster can be achieved by connecting to VE3KPG-2 on 147.500 MHz at 1200 baud.

The hi-speed (19K2)to Grasshill to Lindsay, VE3LNZ has been dismantled.

The Cobourg EPG node was dismantled permanently.



The SATGATE service has been officially dissolved largely due to the reduced number of SATGATE operators world wide. Without a strategic network of operators, SATGATE could no longer provide a reliable service. Since VA3HIP BBS in no longer needed it has been shut down indefinitely.

When the SATGATE was still operational, VA3HIP BBS linked South Central Ontario as well as the rest of Canada to other BBSs throughout the world via Amateur Radio Satellites. UO-22, GO-32 and AO-51 PACSAT satellites were utilized for SATGATE services. International mail was forwarded to the VA3HIP BBS were it awaited for the next pass of the designated Amateur Radio PACSAT Satellite. When the satellite came into range, the mail was automatically uploaded to the satellite’s mailbox. When the satellite flew over the Country that mail needed to be sent to, a Satgate operator for that Country automatically download the mail and forward it terrestrially. More information on the former Satgate Service can be found at Satgate.


144.390 Mhz

VE3KPG is operating an IGate APRS node.

VE3SSF APRS node is no longer operational.